Walton's Auto Parts Inc.  was established by L.E. (Gene) and Eula Jane Walton.  At that time the building was constructed on the west side of Broadway,  surrounded by nothing but cornfields.  It opened as a Used Parts Store, towing, and some auto body repair.



The need for expansion began with construction of a new building on the east side of Broadway. This new building left room for growth in New Parts and Glass, along with more land for used/salvage parts.  Unfortunately, this new building was short lived.


The Great Fire of April 6 destroyed the building and most of its contents. The damaged building was torn down.  That summer during the construction of the new building,  used parts became high in demand creating the need for a remote lot by the river.


New Philadelphia High School Graduates, Robert (Bob) Walton, Gene's son and Bob's best friend, Jack Quinlan  return home after serving in the Air Force during the Korean War.  Bob and Jack  began their long careers at WALTON'S AUTO PARTS & GLASS INC.

Bob and Gene worked both the front counter and also did auto and glass repairs, while Jack worked in shop and yard.


Gene and Eula retired to Florida in 1970. This left Bob and his sister and brother in law, Lois & Hugh Holland to run the business along with Jack and Woody the yard man. 

After graduating from New Philadelphia High School in 1974, Bobs son, Tim began his career at Walton's. That summer the State of Ohio started creating the overpass on S Broadway to the south side of New Philadelphia, which forced another move. The new building, which is at current location, was completed in 1975 with loss of land. Later more land was lost to American Electric Power, leaving no room for used parts.


1982 to Present

 1982   -  Bob and his wife Lorane took over the business along with Tim.   The Glass and Windshield  business  continued to grow, as did the development of the land around Walton's.                            

 1999   -  Bob's unexpected passing left Tim to continue running Walton's with Lorane, Tim's wife Janice and sister Tracy.      

 TODAY   -   Bob and Lorane's children; Tim,  Tracy and Randy  now own Walton's.    

It's operated by Tim, his son Brent, Janice, Tracy and Jack's son, Jim Quinlan.


WALTON'S AUTO PARTS & GLASS  INC.         where family makes all the difference.